Board of Directors

The Directors hold regular meetings during the period between annual general meetings, and generally control and supervise the activities of the company; in particular, the directors are responsible for monitoring the financial position of the company.

Directors can be elected by members if they are full members of the company. Alternatively they can be co-opted by other directors, where they have skills or experience of benefit to the board. The maximum number of directors at any time is 12, with up to 7 Elected Directors and up to 5 Co-opted Directors.

The current list of Directors is as follows:

Lavinia Maclean-Bristol
Lavinia Maclean-Bristol Chair
Lavinia has been a Director of DC since it was formed in 2006 and at various times has been Chairman, Treasurer and Company Secretary. Previous to this Lavinia was Director of Project Trust.

Nic Smith
Nic Smith
Nic has lived on Coll for 15 years, assuming a number of different island roles during that time: as a member of Coll Hotel staff, island blogger, burger van founder and currently works in the finance team at Project Trust.  She has always been keenly involved in island life, producing the much-loved Coll Magazine, co-writing and producing the annual pantomime and helping run the Coll Show.

As an active member of the An Cridhe sub-committee, she was very closely involved in building the new community centre and bunkhouse.  She has been a director of Development Coll for 18 months, during which time she has also been chairman of the An Cridhe management committee, working closely with staff and other committee members to ensure a very successful first year of operations.

Heather Davis
Heather DavisSecretary
Heather joined the board in 2017 and is a long-time resident of Coll. She is a self-employed business woman, wife and mother.

Jane Robertson
Jane Robertson
More info to follow…
Brian MacIntyre
Brian MacIntyreTreasurer
More info to follow…

Development Coll is reliant on the time and commitment of its voluntary board of directors and applications to become a director are always welcome. Full members can apply to become a director by applying in writing to Lavinia Maclean-Bristol, Chair, Development Coll, An Cridhe, Arinagour, Isle of Coll, PA78 6SY.